Population in Lodon

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  • Population
    • Decrease
      • people left london because of counter urbanisation = older people leavingg london to live in the country
    • Increase
      • job opportunities in london attracts young people  = more people as they then have kids
      • international migration = many moved for job opportunities
    • Movement within london
      • london people became wealthier = people had to move out to the suburbs areas  a 30,000 people moved
    • Newcastle
      • population decline from 336,000 to 266,000
      • result of deindustrialisation as old manufacturing ran out of local raw material = coal
      • 100 collieries in the local area, last one shut in 1985
      • in the yard as the boats were to big to pass through they shut down with a loss of 1000
      • as a lack of unemployment opportunities young people migrated south london in search of jobs
      • as people became richer and transport became better people left newcastle and lived outside and commuted back in to work
    • population fell 7m in 1981 and rose to 8m by 2011


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