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  • Population
    • Population growth
      • Three billion people were on the Earth in 1987
        • There are now 7 billion
      • 135 million people are born every year
        • Birth Rate
          • Death rate
        • 55 million people die every year
          • Death rate
          • Increase of 80 million people
            • 135 million people are born every year
              • Birth Rate
                • 55 million people die every year
                  • Increase of 80 million people
          • More people means there isn't enough resources for everyone
          • Most of the population live in developing countries.
          • Half of all people are under 25
          • More than 1 billion people don't have enough food or safe water
        • Population distribution
          • Where
            • Sparsely populated
              • Not many people live there
            • Densely populated
              • Lots of people live there
            • People move from countryside to city
              • Rural-Urban Migration
            • Some people move from city to countryside
              • Counter-Urbanisation
          • Why
            • Push
              • Push factors are negative things that you want to get away from
              • Security, lots of crime in the area, police force isn't very good
              • Accessibility, a place is inaccessible, very few or no transport lnks
              • Services, poor education and not enough healthcare available
              • Jobs, very few low paying jobs
            • Pull
              • Pull factors are positive things you want to get
              • Security, very little crime, a good police force
              • Accessibility, easy access to get to, lots of ways to travel around
              • Bright lights, famous attractions to visit
              • Services, good healthcare and education
              • Jobs, lots of job opportunities, high paying jobs


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