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  • Grown exponentially= rate of growth has become increasingly rapid
    • Population
      • Population has been growing so fat because death rates have been falling.
        • 3. most people have access to clean water and a varied diet, so better health
        • 1. Children are inoculated again killer diseases and there are better health facilities and better knowledge of diseases.
          • Eg: Niger. It is the poorest place on earth and is a drought stricken country that cannot feed itself
        • 2. There are improved living conditions  and improved designs or housing and strict building regulations
        • 4. Prenatal care is better and more babies are born in hospitals
      • Why do death rates vary?
        • There are so many people per doctor
          • Lack of healthcare and sanitation
            • Large number of elderly people compared to working people
              • Lack of vaccinations and medicine
              • War and crime


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