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  • Poppies -language
    • "spasms of paper red"-language of pain/ imagery of bloody wounds perhaps foreshadowing events or reflecting her fears.
    • "bandaged"- cconnotations of injury or protecting herself like a boxer
    • the simile - "the world overflowing like a treasure chest"- implies possibilities, yet he's heading off to war
    • the metaphor for mother's crying - "released a song bird from its cage" -
    • "my stomach busy making tucks, darts, pleats"- metaphor conveys uncertainty/concern through clothing-related imagery.
    • "the dove pulled freely against the sky, an ornamental stitch"- the metaphor combines both bird and textiles imagery, pulling together the mother's feelings of tension and longing for peace.
    • "leaned against it like a wishbone"- the simile implies she's making a wish as well as perhaps linking to family mealtime memories.
    • "a split second" and "after" shows the time markers used throughout poem to manage complex time shifts.
    • "steeled" shows the strong contrast to all the fabric imagery, conveying the strength she wanted to show.
    • "blockade" shows the language from a military semantic field.
    • "has already been placed" shows complex past tense prepares us for complex timelines.


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