Pop Song Harmony- things i need to remember

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  • Pop Song Harmony- things i need to remember
      • Phrasing must be judged in 2/4/8 bars, likewise to the melody
      • Look for oppertunities to create a sequence
      • Don't include any on the beat dissonances
      • If using slash chords, ensure that the inversion is deffinaely the bass note
      • Repeated pitches may be used but try to vary the rhythm
      • Range from E below bass stave plus 17, should cover at least the given range in the material
      • End phrases with a long note, rest or fill (scale) leading to the next one
      • Contrary Motion with the melody line
      • Intervals of a perfect 4th are good
      • When the bassline descends by a third this is good
      • Always write them above the main beat of the bar
      • Find cadences at the end of every 4 bar unit/ new section
      • Imperfect cadences must end on a V7 to lead back to chord I
      • Seventh chords work if the root of the next chord is a 5th lower/4th higher
      • Symbols dont take account of key sig, so remember to put in ACCIDENTALS
      • 6ths are a major 6th above the chord root-leap too and from chord notes
      • A diminished chord is minor with a flatterned 5th
      • Dont repeat the same chords in a row
    • MELODY
      • 2/4 bar phrases with rests at the end so the singer can breathe
      • No consecutive 8ves/5ths between the melody and bass
      • Sensible range- Middle C plus 12 but higther for CLIMAXES ONLY
      • Appoggiaturas are approached by a small leap (3rd) and resolve down to a harmony note
      • 7ths can be prepared by a step or a leap from a chord note and must resolve down to ANOTHER CHORD NOTE
      • Look for melodic patterns, where your bass and chords should also be the same
      • Create contrast between the bass/ melody texture


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