Pop Culture in the 1950s

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  • Pop Culture! in the 1950s
    • Teenagers
      • Youth began to develop their own identity and culture
      • 1950s, the term became associated with rebellion against parents and society
      • Role models included James Dean and Marlon Brandon
      • Slick black hair, poodle skirts
    • Television
      • 1948, only 0.4% of households had a TV. 1958, it was over 83%
      • TV shows reinforced patriotism and religion
      • Game shows, soaps and news programmes
      • Due to baby boomers, there was a rise in children's TV
    • Rock and Roll
      • Symbol of teenage discontent
      • Elvis Presley
        • **** person
        • Gyrating hips
        • Shocked parents who saw him as corrupting their children


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