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  • Pompeii
    • The Original Site
      • Built
        • West of Italy
        • Next to the river sarno
      • Next to the River Sarno
        • Good fresh water supply
      • Richly fertile
        • Excellent for farming, helps plants
      • It was a harbour town.
        • Good access for trade
          • Well connected by road
        • Well connected by road
    • The Destruction
      • The Earthquake
        • Tremors for four days before.
          • Wells dried up
      • The Events of 24th of August 79 AD
        • The eruption started in the middle of the day
          • The pressure of the gases blew out the plug at the top of the volcano. Which caused the fall of ash.
            • Followed by a column of pumice lava and ash explode from the volcano. Accompanied by a mushroom shaped cloud.
              • Sky went pitch black
                • Because the cloud caused darkness
              • Pumice- volcanic rocks
              • From the cloud; pumice- fragments of rock started to fall from the cloud. Showering the surrounding area.
                • The debris then accumulated; causing roofs to collapse and movement around the town difficult.
                  • The day after the eruption, one of the sides of the volcano collapsed and triggered a set of pyroclastic surges.
                    • Surges- [flows of hot gas and ash] that swept down Vesuvius and covered Pompeii.
        • Lasted for two days
        • Many towns were affected
          • Stabiae
          • Herculaneum
          • Taurania
          • Oplontis


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