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  • PolytheneUK Key Resources
    • IT resources
      • Outlook
        • Signatures
          • I have to send the same email to multiple people so signatures save me writing it out every time and allows me to just edit the same each time
          • I can sign off every email with my name and contact details which is useful for customers and suppliers if they need to contact me in the future
        • Folders
          • I use folders to organise the work i have completed so i can easily access it
          • If there’s any information i need to save for later i can save in a folder
        • Sending/receiving  emails
          • The way we communicate with customers, suppliers and co-workers
          • The way we receive send work- eg. If there’s a quote i need to make a sales person will send me the details over email
      • CRM
        • Account details
          • CRM allows us to have a place to store all the information a bout a company in one place- that includes contact details, addresses and general information
        • Saving documents
          • CRM allows us to save any relevant documents under the company’s name so they are easy to find
        • Keeping notes
          • Under each account there is a space to keep notes and set a date to notify there sales person when to next contact them
      • Sage200
        • Making Quotes
          • We use this software to input data to create official quotations to sent to customers- the systems generates it based of the data you input
        • Processing orders
          • We  process orders through sage 200
        • Printing
          • We can print quotations and orders into out email drafts ready to send use it sage200 and spindle pro auto
    • Physical resources
      • Desks
        • Everyone has there own desk
        • Pcs- we all have our own pcs and two monitors
        • Chairs we all have our own suitable chairs
        • We can all personalise our desks to make us feel more comfortable
        • We all have our own phones
      • People
        • We have four main teams
          • Admin
          • Sales
          • Accounts
          • We have a team in a workshop downstairs
      • Skills
        • Maths skills
        • Professional skills
        • Communication skills
        • IT skills
        • Problem solving skills


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