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  • Polysaccharides
    • why are they good stores?
      • compact
      • molecules in chains so easily 'snipped off' by hydrolysis for respiration
      • some are branched, more compact, more 'snipping off'
      • less soluble in water so water potential is not disrupted
    • types
      • amylose
        • coils and spirals
        • hydroxyl groups on C 2 on inside of coil= less soluble
        • alpha molecules, glycosidic bonds between C 1 and 4
      • amylopectin
        • like amylose but with branches formed by glycosidic bonds between C 1 and 6
        • coils into spiral with branches emerging from spiral
      • glycogen
        • structure like amylopectin
        • 1-4 bonded chains= smaller than amylopectin= less coiling
        • more branches so more compact


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