Polymers C2

Quick all you need to know styled mindmap with the most useful information from BBC Bitesize, Collins AQA revision guide and some other notes...

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  • Polymers
    • Thermosoftening
      • Easy to recycle
      • Soften when heated
      • Can be shaped when hot
      • Tangle of smooth chains
        • Easier for molecules to slide past each other and melt
        • Flexible material
      • No Cross Links
    • Thermosetting
      • Links to other chains and more side chains
        • Hard for chains to slide at all, SO IT CANNOT MELT
      • Hardens when heated
      • Cannot be reshaped
      • Harder to recycle
    • Intermolecular Forces
      • Polymer Molecules are long covalent chains made from carbon atoms
      • Intermolecular forces are weak between molecules but because the molecules are so large, the intermolecular force is greater
        • Gives them a higher melting point than expected
      • Thermosetting polymers melt over a range of temperatures
    • HDPE & LDPE
      • HDPE is used for plastic bottles and water pipes
      • LDPE used to make film and plastic bags
      • HDPE and LDPE is made from the same monomer
        • but by different catalysts, temperatures and pressures they create two different polyethenes with different properties




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