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  • Polymers
    • Polymers are many monomers in a long chain
      • When a monomer is turned into a polymer it is called polymerisation
        • The double carbon carbon bond in the monomer opens up to become a single bond and many join up in chains as a polymer
    • A thermosoftening polymer can soften when heated and remoulded
      • Forces between the chains are weak so are easily broken and the polymer softens
        • As it cools the intermolecular forces bring the polymer molecules back together so it hardens
    • A thermosetting polymer does not melt or soften under heat
      • Forces between the chains are very strong as they are covalent bonds form cross links between the chains
    • Low and high density polymers can be made using different catalysts and reaction conditions
      • High density polymers have a higher softening temperature and are stronger


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