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  • Polymers
    • Where are polymers used
      • Polymers are organic compounds with long- chain molecules.
      • THe chains are made by thousands of small molecules ( callede monomers) joing together in a chemical reaction
      • There are strong covalent bonds between the atoms in each chain and weaker forces between the separate chains
      • Although we see plastics polluting our environment , biodegradable alternatives are more costly and denser
    • Types of polymer
      • Thermoplastic
        • The most widely used plastic is polyethene. it is a thermoplastic polymer.
        • It's realtivley weak intermolecular bond allow it to deform and flow when put under tension
        • A thermoplastic is flexible and softens when heated, so it is easy to shape and mold
      • Thermosetting
        • This is like vulcanised rubber, has strong cross-links between it's polymer chains
        • Additives like sulfur modify the properties of rubber by forming cross-links between the individual polymer chains
    • Properties of polymers
      • Are flexible
      • Have a low densitry
      • Have a low thermal conductivity


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