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  • 1.1.2 Polymers
    • Thermoplastic
      • A material which can be repeatedly reshaped and reheated, allowing it to be recycled after original use
      • Have long linear chain molecules and can be held by van der Walls forces
      • Examples
        • nylon
        • polypropolene
        • high impact polystyrene
        • Low/ high density polyethylene
    • Thermosetting plastic
      • A material which when heated undergoes a chemical change whereby molecules form rigid cross links
      • They cannot be reheated or reshaped, even at a very high temperature
      • Examples
        • Polyester resin
        • Melamine formaldehyde
        • epoxy resin
        • Urea formaldehyde
    • Elastomer
      • A material which at room temperature can be deformed under pressure and then upon relase of pressue, will return to its original shape
      • Have weak bonds which allow them to stretch easily
      • Examples
        • Neoprene
        • Polybutadiene
        • Silicone
        • Natural rubber


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