C2 - Polymers

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  • Polymers
    • poly = many, mers = parts
    • Alkenes used to make polymers as they have double bonds. Alkanes don't.
    • Made up of monomer units.
    • Low density poly(ethene) makes stuff like clingfilm and plastic bags.
      • It has weak intermolecular forces (easily broken)
      • To make: high pressure, and a trace of oxygen.
    • High density poly(ethene) makes bottles and storage tubs.
      • Strong intermolecular forces.
      • To make: low pressure and a catalyst at 50 degrees.
    • Thermosoftening polymer.
      • Tangled web easily broken due to WIF.
    • Thermosetting polymer.
      • Cross linked, bonded to each other.
      • Strong intermolecular forces.


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