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  • Polymerisation
    • Many ethene molecules can combine together in a polymerisation reaction.
      • The polymer formed is called Poly(ethene).
    • When polymerisation reactions occur, the monomer molecules react together to form long-chain molecules.
    • Link to BBC bitesize polymers
    • Uses of polymers links to the properties of the compound.
      • Poly(ethene)
        • Properties: Flexible,cheap, good insulator.
        • Uses: Plastic bags, plastic bottles, cling film, insulation for electrical wires.
      • Poly(propene)
        • Properties: flexible, shatterproof, high softening point
        • Uses: Buckets and bowls
      • Poly(chloroethene) (PVC)
        • Properties: Tough,cheap, long-lasting, good insulator.
        • Uses: window frames, gutters, pipes, insulation for electrical wires
      • PTFE
        • Properties: Tough, slippery, resistant to corrosion, good insulator.
        • Uses: Non-stick coatings for saucepans, bearings and skis, containers for corrosive substances, stain-proofing carpets, insulation for electrical wires.


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