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  • polmers
    • prpertys and uses
      • polmers are monmers that have polymerised to become polymers
        • polymer molcules hvae branches coming off them which change the property odfthe polmers
      • many polymers are non biodigradbel
      • can be used to make water proffs
        • polymers are formed from alkenes
    • waterproof clothes
      • propertys of nylon light water proof and tough
        • unfortynaly it is not breathbel maaking it undsirbel
      • gortex is very good beacuse it lets sweat out
        • it has layers of tyflon with tiny pores theese pores are too small to let rain droplets in but big engough to lets sweat droplets out
    • disposing of polymeres
      • landfiling
      • incenration
        • recycling
          • biodgradbel polmers
    • cross links
      • polmers whithout cross  links are not ver strong but are easy to bend and strech
        • this is beacuse the polymere molcules can  slide over eachother easily
      • polymers with cross links are very strong and drabel this is beacuse there are held in place by covelent bonds these bonds give it a high melting point and make it very strong and tough


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