Politics - Why do people join pressure groups?

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  • Why do people join pressure groups?
    • Solidarity Benefits
      • - There is a social benefit that comes with joining pressure groups
      • - It brings a sense of togetherness, and gives the chance for members to meet like-minded people
      • - These groups can centre their activities around local meetings - their members attend and form 'local chapters'
    • Purposive Benefits
      • - Being a part of the movement and the cause would make the world a better place.
      • - Membership will give a feel good factor, many will feel like they are playing a small part in bettering society.
      • - An example of this would be that Amnesty International draws attention to violation of human rights
    • Material Benefits
      • - Many believe there is something meanwhile from group activities.
      • Berry/Wilcox tangible rewards for donations
      • - Changes in policy, which pressure groups to deliver this advantage to members
      • - The AARP offer discount pharmacy, motor club and health insurance.


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