Politics - Types of UK electoral systems (Other than FPTP)

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  • Other UK Electoral Systems
    • Additional Members System (AMS)
      • A mixture of two other systems: FPTP + Party List
      • It is used for the Scottish Parliament in order to elect SMP's
      • Party list - is used for the EU Parliament
      • There are 129 members of Scottish Parliament
        • There are 73 constituencies
      • 1 member of Scottish Parliament is elected through FPTP in each constituency
        • The remaining 56 MSP's are elected through Party Lists and Scotland is split into 8 regions
      • The quota for SMP's is based on how many seats they won in the FPTP election before moving onto party lists to make it fair
    • Single Transferable Vote
      • Each council in Scotland are divided into Wards - 3/4 councillors elected in the ward you live in
      • Stage 1: Votes counted, and anyone who reaches the quota is elected
      • Candidates ranked on ballot paper
      • Stage 2: Any vote received for a candidate above quota are transferred to next choice on those ballot papers
      • Stage 3: If no candidate has enough votes to reach the quote, the candidate with the lowest votes is eliminated
      • Stage 4: Process continues until all seats are filled and councillors are elected
    • Supplementary vote
      • Voting sheet has space for two votes (1st and 2nd preference)
      • 1st preference is counted - in this system everyone but the top 2 get knocked out
      • Then, 2nd preference from top 2 candidates decides from the original vote to find a clear winner
      • This system is used for the London Mayor and PCC elections


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