Politics in the News Unit 2

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  • Politics in the News Unit 2
    • French MPs have approved the first stage of a proposal.
      • This proposal will enable a person convicted of terrorism, to be stripped of their nationality.
      • This is the most controversial change to the Constitution drawn up, after the attacks in Paris.
    • Govt wanted to increase the working hours on a Sunday.
      • This was rejected,.
      • All Labour Mps, and 27 Tories and SNP opposed it.
        • SNP can still vote in Parliament even though it doesn't affect Scotland.
    • Iain Duncan Smith resigned from being Minister for Work and Pension.
      • Collective responsibility example.
      • Smith disagreed with the reduction of disabled benefits in the Budget 2016, as he felt it was unfair.
    • Proposal to block Tax Credits.
      • HOL blocked it
        • Shows the HOL serves a purpose.
      • Voted to protest those affected by tax cuts, by majority of 17
    • Junior Doctors' Strikie
      • All junior doctors walked out of all services between 8am-5pm.
      • Patients not at risk because senior doctors and consultants on call.
      • Jeremy Hunt wrote to the BMA to call off the strike
        • they rejected this.
      • Relates to Role of Ministers and all the Unit 1 topics
    • Labour Party
      • Ken Livingstone and Naz Shaar suspended as a result of anti-Semitism
    • Academies
    • EU Referendum
      • Tory MP Sarah Wollaston changed to remain
        • She says that leaving would 'free up £50 million for the NHS' is NOT true.
        • She was a GP and is the Chairman of the Health Select Committee.


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