Politics in the News 2015

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  • Politics in the News 2015
    • Jeremy Corbyn
      • He did not attend his first Privy Council meeting as he was on holiday and is a republican.
      • This will mean that the Labour leader cannot be briefed on security matters, until he attends the next meeting.
        • This complicates efforts by ministers to use intelligence to persuade Corbyn to back British involvement in military action in Syria.
          • He did not attend his first Privy Council meeting as he was on holiday and is a republican.
      • Asked to step back from the Stop the War Coalition
        • Tristam Hunt (former Shadow Education Secretary) wants this because it will cause even more divisions within the Labour Party
          • Links with PGs and divisions within political parties,
        • Some Labours MPs who backed bombing in Syria have been subjected to online abuse and death threats.
    • Investigatory Powers Bill (Snooper's Charter)
      • Introduced by Home Secretary Theresa May
      • Allows access to the personal internet use of millions of citizens and to mount to 'data mining' exercises.
      • Will come under attack from civil liberties groups for increasing abilities of the intelligence services to obtain.
      • Blocked by the Liberal Democrats in Coalition govt.
      • Vows to make internet a 'no-go area' for the terrorists and pedophiles.
    • The Autumn Statement 2015
      • Set out by the Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne.
      • Red box contains the documents
      • Britain suffering from austerity (cuts to front line services)
        • NHS, Police and Education
        • Sets out that welfare cuts will happen but slowly.
        • Cut the police force by 20% BUT Osborne said he is protecting the police.
        • Increase spending on education.
      • Comes from taxation
        • Projected higher tax receipts to scrap tax credits cuts and protect police budget.
        • Get taxes back from big corporations
      • Give billions to private developers to build more houses
      • Less money to pay the debt
      • trying to ease and please more people


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