james 1st political, economic, foreign policy and religious issues

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  • political,economic, religious and social issues of James I
    • foreign policy
      • ended war between Sweden and Denmark in 1613- was a diplomatic mediator
      • Peace with spain- Treaty of london 1604
      • Spanish match 1614&1623 charles and the infanta maria, she had a dowry of £600000
    • economic
      • Elizabeth I  left over £350,000 in debt- however this was not a serious problem as parliament owed £300,000 in subsidies and elizabeth had loaned money to the french and dutch was expected to be repaid
      • amount brought in by subsidies was declining also the subsidy was flawed as neighbours assess each others properties and would undervalue them for example buckinghams estate was valued at £400 instead of £400,000
      • James was extravagant- spent £185000 on jewellery in 9 years, ante suppers cost £3000, his favourites-James hay- Buckingham- earl of Carlisle, its estimated that James spent £400,000 on them
      • Cockayne Scheme 1614- William cockayne promised James that he would  save £40,000 if he finished the cloths in England, it failed and led to riots in the cloth towns in the west country, James had to sell the towns of Brill and Flushing to improve trade with the dutch
      • Lord treasurers- Robert Cecil 1603-1612 Tomas Howard 1614-1620 Lionel cranfeild 1621
      • 1606 John Bates  refused to pay impositions on currants. Crown enjoyed their right to impositions (import tax) but Bate argued that it was illegal unless it was approved by Parliament
    • religious
      • 1605-gunpowder plot to kill king James by blowing up parliament- failed because of Sir Francis Tresham - led to harsher laws against Catholics such as recusancy fines
      • Millenary petition 1604  signed by 1000 puritan ministers led to the Hampton court conference- new translation of the bible in 1611
    • political
      • 1604-form of apologies and satisfaction-made by mps in response to their privileges being threatened. they never presented it to james however he saw a copy and told them not to act to rashly and to use their liberties wisely
      • 1610- the great contract- created by Robert Cecil, offered to give up some prerogatives such as purveyancing and wardships  and in return parliament would give £200,00 a year and pay off the crowns £600,000
      • 1612-Scotland clash- union between Scotland and England ruined by Edwin sandys as Scots were to be ruled by English law and parliament in a "perfect union"
      • 1621 parliament arguments over recusants; parliament wanted them to be persecuted more vigorously but James thought it would disrupt negotiations with parliament         money; James asked for £1 million but only gave £140,000
      • 1621- protestation- only a third of parliament signed it. James rejected it, dissolved parliament and tore it up.
      • 1624-Buckingham and Charles wanted war with Spain, James was against it which caused divisions in parliament


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