Political Parties

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  • Political Parties
    • Right(Red)
      • Centre party
      • DVP-German People's party
      • DNVP-German National people's party
      • BVP-Bavarian People's party
      • Nazi Party-did not participate in Reichstag elections until 1924
    • Left(Blue)
      • KPD-German communist party
      • SPD-Social democratic party
      • DDP-German democratic party
    • Right-wing parties were broadly
      • Nationalist and strongly opposed to the Treaty of Versailles
      • Convinced of the 'Stab in the back' idea and the notion of the November Criminals
      • Supportive of Germany's military tradition and the army
      • Anti-communist
      • Likely to be racist and anti-semitic
      • Pro-business, anti-state intervention, opposed to government welfare policies , anti trades union
      • Likely to oppose the democratic Weimar system, the further to the right the party positioned itself
    • Left-wing parties broadly
      • Internationalist rather than nationalist, and sought cooperation with other nations
      • Opposed to the 'Stab in the back' idea and the notion of the November Criminals
      • Not racist
      • Not pro-business, supportive of state intervention and government welfare policies, pro trades union
      • However, the extreme left(KPD) shared extreme right's opposition to the democratic Weimar System


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