Politics in the FRG -Unit 4

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  • Political impacts
    • Erhard
      • SPD reformed itself
      • NPD gained 8 seats in Hesse and 15 in Bavaria - 1965
      • 1965 CDU/CSU won 47.6% of the vote.
      • CDU.CSU wanted to raise taxes, FDP wanted  spending cuts
      • Lost land election in Rhineland Westphilla 1966
    • The Grand coalition
      • DKP allowed to form- safer then a secret underground network
      • CDU/CSU were seen as holding back on welfare reforms which lead to inner tensions
      • Temporary alliance between the CDU/CSU and SPD - Lasted 3 years
      • Some felt this was to close to a one party state.
      • Amendment to the 1968 constitution seen as similar  to article 48 - Permitted an an elected committee to take emergency measures in the event of war or civil unrest.
      • 1967 NPD gained 12 seats in Kiesingers land.
    • Brandt
      • Ostpolitik
        • April 1972 Brandt only just survived a vote of no confidence - by 2 votes
        • SPD won 45.8% of the vote biggest vote in history
    • Schimdt
      • Opposition within the SPD due to proposals to restrict the circulation of money to control inflatation
      • FDP pulled out of the coalition
      • Green party formation
    • Kohl
      • CDU/CSU vote to the lowest point since 1948/49.
      • 1983 CSU split
        • 2 members left for right-wing alternatives


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