Politness Principles (The facts)

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  • Politeness Principles
    • Positive Face
      • need to feel valued, liked and appreciated
    • Negative Face
      • need not to feel imposed on or have freedoms threatened
    • Risk of threatening face= FTA (face threatening act)
      • Strategies to use with FTA's
        • Be direct
        • Use positive politeness (appeal to their positive face)
        • Use negative politeness (avoid threatening their face)
    • On the record: what you want is clearly understood/ suggested
    • Off the record: hinting at the matter, but not explicitly asking
    • Example of the politeness principles
      • 1. Asking to borrow your friends CD
        • Direct: Let me borrow your CD
        • Positive Politeness: You have a good taste in music-can I borrow your CD
        • Negative Politeness: Hey, sorry to ask, but any chance I could borrow your CD
        • Off the record: Wow, this is a really great CD


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