Policies of Main Groups in 1917

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  • Policies of the main groups in March 1917
    • The Liberals (dominant in PG)
      • Kadets were dominant liberal force in the PG, there were liberal groups that were more rightwing, such as the Octobrists
      • The Kadets were not united:
        • Some Kadets including their leader, Milyukov, had moved further to the right. They believed that the revolution was over in March and should go no further. Wanted democraticallyelected gvt.
        • Left-leaning Kadets wanted much greater social reform, with a larger role for people in gvt with more power to regional and local centres.
      • Main Policies
        • War; Wanted to continue war with F and B. Wanted to make territorial gains.
        • Land: Wanted redistributed by elected gvt
        • National Minorities:Did not want the old empire broken up
        • Constituent assembly: realised most people won't vote for them and wanted to delay elections unitl war was over when a more settled atmosphere might improve their chances
    • Socialists (SR's and Mensheviks dominant in PS)
      • Very Mixed grouping- main groups SRs, Mensheviks, and Bol in PS. Assumed it was the Bourgeouis stage of the rev.
      • Main Policies
        • Shared broadlysame policies
        • Co-operation: Prepared to cooperate with Pg,
        • War- Wantedto fight a defensive war to prevent defeat by the Germans.
        • Land Issue- wanted to leave to Assembly, but ASAP
        • National Minorities-agree to aspirations of non-Russians, offer more self gvt.
        • SRs and Mensheviks disagreed over War
          • Chernov and moderate SRs wanted continuation of defensive war, whilst left Wing SRs opposed war
          • Moderate Mensheviks supported continuation but Internationalists opposed it


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