How are the Police Force represented in Sign Of The 4

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  • How are the Police Force portrayed in the novella
    • 'Heavy footsteps and the clamor of loud voices were audible from below, and the hall door shut with a loud crash' pg-47
      • As a representative of Scotland Yard and the police force, Jones is made to seem clumsy in comparison to Holmes' careful work and thoughtful approach
      • This contrasts with the way Holmes has prevented even Watson from stepping into the crime scene and even disturbing evidence
    • 'Stern facts here,- no room for theories
      • This is ironic as Jones jumps to conclusions and makes random arrests with no hard evidence
      • Jones is suspicious of Homes' methods and feels his work is based on theories and not police practice
    • 'Its a very dark case, and my professional credit is at stake. I should be glad of a little assistance'
      • This describes a less pompous side to Jones and shows how the 2 detectives work together
      • As Jones' own investigation leads nowhere, he is forced to admit to needing Holmes' help
    • 'It was amusing to notice how the consequential Jones was already beginning to give himself airs on the strength of the capture'
      • Homes and Watson don't take this aspect of his behavior seriously and the men remain friendly towards each other
      • Once Small is safely in custody, Jones shows sign of his initial tendency to act in a superior manner.


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