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  • POLC
    • Planning: The process of determining goals or objectives within a specified time frame.
      • Three types: Strategic- up to five years / Mergers Tactical- 6mnths to two years/ functional managers / ordering stock MPS Operational- very short term daily/ front line managers/ weekly rosters
    • Leading: The process of influencing workers to do their best for the organisation.
      • Leaders have: informational, decision-making and interpersonal skills. Important because leaders inspire, build relationships and gain trust off employees. Will find workers will want to do the right thing which in a business setting is to be productive. Improves culture employees willingness to achieve.
    • Controlling: Implementing and monitoring systems necessaryto regulate activities and allow the evaluation of the achievement plans
      • Finances, Employees and Resources need to be controlled.
    • Organising: The coordination of resources and systems so that plans can be achieved.
      • Employees need to be organised; jobs they need to perform etc


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