politics voting behaviour mind map

simple mind map on voting behaviour

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  • politics voting behaviour
    • ethinicity
      • minorities most likely democrat, obama won over 90% of blacks
      • Whites predominantly Republican, more pro gun pro life
      • hispanics traditionally Democrat, many moved to republicans as catholic and they are pro life
      • asians more likely democrat
    • party affiliation
      • many people have strong party ties and will always vote for that party regardless of policy and candidate
    • gender
      • women more likely democrat as often more liberal, pro choice, anti gun, dovish foreign policy
        • obama 13 point lead over women
      • men often more republican as pro gun, pro life hawkish foreign plicy but this is not as significant as the womens gender gap
    • age
      • younger people most likely democrat as prefer change and want new system while older like to keep the stastus quo and conserve things
    • region
      • sounthern states are solidly rebuplican despite being previously democrat before 60's now northeast solid democrat


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