PM and the Executive

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  • PM and the Executive
    • Priti Patel resigns as she met with Israeli officials without telling Foreign Secretary and others
    • T May survived VONC 13/12/18
    • 2010 – Treasury Secretary David Laws had irregularities over expense claims, 2011 – Liam Fox Defence Secretary employed a personal friend as an adviser at public expense, 2012 Energy Secretary Chris Huhne was convicted of a serious criminal offence, 2012 – Chief Whip Andrew Mitchell allegedly insulted a police officer. (ministerial resignations)
    • 2017 Air Strikes on Syria without Parliaments approval, 2017 May called snap election, 2003 Blair committed UK forces to assist USA invasion of Iraq to depose Saddam Hussein – prerogative powers
    • Prime ministerial domination of cabinet – Wilson 1964-70: manipulated cabinet by controlling agenda and reaching agreements with ministers outside of meetings. Thatcher 1979-90: ruthlessly removed or marginalised opponents. Blair 1997-07: sofa politics, developed ideas with few advisors and senior ministers outside of the cabinet in informal discussions.


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