Pluralist view on media globalisation

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  • Pluralist
    • Intro
      • Mass cultures allows people the opportunity to gain access to the media and be able to pick what culture they want to engage with
        • the choice allows individuals to engage with wider ranger of cultural diverts that may have not been able to before media became so globalised
      • They believe there is not such thing a popular or mass culture
        • There is too much of a range of media products
    • Opposition to marxism
      • The range of media products available expand sources of entertainment rather than dumping them down
      • Tomlinson
        • Cultures aren't swallowed up, but there is a hybridisation of cultures
      • People have so much choice of media content
        • It is impossible for one master idea to dominate; people can interpret
    • Difference to post-modernism
      • They are quite similar in their approach
      • However they do not focus on media saturation as they recognise the audience interpet text differently




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