Pluralism and society

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  • Pluralism + Society
    • Christian response to multi faith soc.
      • Christianity is not a lifestyle but a gift from God that they need to share w/ others
      • Respects all traditions- "The Church rejects nothing that is true and holy in other traditions
    • Scriptural reasoning movement
      • Began in 1990s between Jewish scholars and Christians which was opened up to Muslims
      • Spread around UK and USA
      • They identify a theme, find short scriptural passages and introduce them in its context and it's importance
    • Criticism
      • It relativises religious beliefs as it argues there is only truth in a context or environment
      • The number of straight forward, obvious contradictions between scripture is outweighed by the similarities
      • But it doesn't ignore reasons behind disagreements as it aims to solve them or simple disagree reasonably
      • God is beyond adequate human description anyway
    • Inter-faith dialogue
      • sees its mission in relation  to other faiths as respectful and sensitive evangelisation
      • However,  they are encouraged to talk to other religions
      • Redemptoris Missio- "Other religions constitute a positive challenge for the Church"
        • Argues that inter-faith dialogue should "be open to understanding those of the other party w/o pretence + close-mindedness"


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