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  • Plenty
    • Title
      • Makes reader think 'of alot'
      • Ideas of love and fun
    • What's It About?
      • Focuses on the contrasting feelings of a person, who as a child, experienced growing up in poverty yet is now living a different lifestyle
      • Begins to understand why mother was 'mean' when she was a child
    • Themes
      • Childhood
      • Motherhood
        • Relationship between mother and 5 daughters
      • Difficulty / poverty
    • Structure
      • 8 unrhymed 4 line stanzas
      • Enjambement + Caesure
      • Irregular rhythm and line length
      • Free verse
        • Idea of childhood
        • Reflects what is going on
        • Represents way in which memories are both set and fluid in our minds
      • 1st person narrative
        • Allows Dixon to dive deeper into the narrator's inner thoughts and experience the narrator's emotion
      • Dashes - create pauses, stop flow, attention, shows confusion
      • Volta - S7, tense shifts from past to present, focus shifts from meory to current life
    • Idea + Imagery
      • 'Old enamel tub'
        • Detailed imagery of the old, aged, disused tub
      • 'Dams leaked dry and windmills stalled
        • Visual imagery - countryside, lived there?
      • 'Running riot'
        • Strong imaged of chaotic children
      • Limited description of mother suggests as children they never understppd why she acted how she did
      • 'warmth / disgorged from fat brass taps'
        • visual imagery
          • flows from one line to the next due to enjambement, like flow of water into a bath
        • Tactile imagery - warmth shows feeling of water
        • assonance creates sense of largeness
      • Idea children are inherently selfish
    • Rhythm, Repetition + Rhyme
      • No rhyme scheme
      • Alliteration and assonance on some lines create small amount of rhythm
      • Repetition of vowel sounds in assonance
    • Language
      • 'Like Mommy's smile.'
        • Simile, comparing her mother's smile to there being no wind or drought
      • 'All running riot'
        • alliteration of present continuous, idea of happiness and having fun
      • 'was a clasp to keep us all from chaos'
        • metaphor, tightness of smile creates a sense of being retrained
      • 'lid clamped hard on this.'
        • End stopped line suggests her smile isn't loving
      • stanza 3, last two lines
        • Alliteration of letter s builds up tension
      • 'Each month was weeks too long'
        • Hyperbole - understanding how mother felt, worries etc.


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