Gothic Tropes - Pain from Pleasure

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  • Pleasure from Pain
    • Bloody Chamber
      • Bloody Chamber
        • Relationship between Sex and Violence - His pleasure from her pain
          • "A dozen husbands impailed a dozen brides"
          • He loved her pain
            • I head him shriek and blaspheme in ******
            • ... cradling my spent body in my arms
        • His violent erotica
          • Quote, page 13
      • Snowchild
        • Countess
          • Desperately wants the child harmed to restore her old pleasure
            • Then the Countess threw her diamond brooch through the ice of a frozen pond. "Dive in and fetch it for me" she said; she thought the girl would drown
        • Count
          • By Comparison, count is unaware of the pain that he is causing to serve is own pleasure
            • She was the child of his desire and the countess hated her
      • The Erl-King
        • Takes pleasure in enticing, bedding and trapping young girls
          • these pretty woodies with the pretty wedding rings around their necks
          • Lullabies for foolish virgins
          • He could thrust me into the seed bed of next year's generation....
    • Doctor Faustus
      • Initially
        • Pleasure from other's pain seems excusable (or at least with reason)
          • Papal Banquet
            • Against a corrupt and evil Pope
            • Wittenberg was rival of Pope in reign of Carolus V
            • Clearly getting pleasure
              • Ruined the feast "that Faustus may delight his mind"
              • Use of slapstick comedy and revelry
              • Running around laughing and throwing fireworks
      • Later
        • Faustus appears more cruel and unreasonable - makes life unnecessarily hard/ painful
          • Manipulation of the poor/ lower class
            • Horse Courser
              • "Ha! Ha! Ha! Faustus hath his leg again, and the hourse-courser a bundle of hay for his forty dollars
            • Court of Vanholt
              • Eats a man's livelihood for a laugh
                • Cartload of hay
                • Doesn't freeze problems within his power to do so
                  • Freezes peasants dumb
            • No longer benefitting
              • Purely for enjoyment
                • The Duchess of Vanholt is "Beholden" to him for his amusing way of dealing with peasants
    • Pardoner's Tale
      • Pardoner Himself
        • Never explicitly shows that he gets pleasure from pain
          • Ok with others' pain in order for him to get pleasure
            • He would have "moneie, wolle, chese, and whete" even if it meant orphans starving
      • Rioters
        • Also never show actually pleasure at others' pain
        • By comparison, worse than pardoner
        • Enthusiasm for pain and suffering
          • Old Man
            • Enjoy tormenting and mocking him
              • He warns them that you shouldn't harm the old
              • They call him names
                • Nay old cherl,
                • Thou false theef
          • Death
            • Excited at the prospect of killing death
              • He shal be slain, he that so many sleeth, by Goddes dignitee, er it be night


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