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  • Please Hold
    • Culture
      • "Eine ******* Kleine Nachtmusic."
      • "And the robot transfers me to himself."
      • The poet's situation is familiar and satirised
        • Cyclical, perpetual existence. Tedious
    • Power
      • "Wonderful, says the robot/When I give him my telephone number."
      • "This means your call is not important to them"
      • The power of technology in the poem makes the reader seem the weakest
        • Human kind, despite intelligence, is insignificant
    • Change
      • "This is the future."
      • "Please hold. Please grow old. Please grow cold."
      • Transition in society is reflected in the present tense
        • life changes but we aren't going anywhere
    • FORM
      • Repetition
        • rhyming of repeated words and lines
        • Adds cyclical elements within the poem
      • Long stanza length, short lines
        • Reflects the tedium of phoning a customer service line
        • Adds relatable and satirical tone to poem
      • Expletives
      • Repetition
      • Enjambment


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