Plato's Theory of Forms

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  • Plato's Theory of Forms
    • The Republic
    • Concept of Forms
      • Form of the good
        • Most important form
      • Innate a priori knowledge when born. Learning = recollection
        • A form is the perfect version of something
      • Third man argument
        • There are three men. Is one of the man a copy of another man, or is he a copy of the form of man?
      • Cave analogy
        • Prisoners
          • Those who exist in the WoA, are tied up so they can only see one wall of the cave
        • Sun
          • The actual form of the good
        • Fire
          • Dull recolection of the form of the good
        • Outside world
          • Everything in its true form, the WoF
        • Shadows
          • What prisoner believe to be true objects
        • Cave itself
          • World of apperances
            • Where most people reside, not true reality, a dull recollection. We have once visited the WoF and seen the true form of things
        • Journey out of the cave
          • One prisoner escapes, makes difficult ascent up the ramp into the real world, dazzled by light
        • Objects
          • Objects are carried and throw up shadows onto the cave wall
        • Return of the prisoners
      • Return of the prisoner
        • Despite his findings, the others do not want to know as they are happy in the WoF and become violent


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