Plato: The concept of Forms. 

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  • Plato: The concept of Forms.
    • The relationship between concepts and phenomena.
      • Relationship between two worlds.
      • Didn't illustrate the fundemental differences.
      • Believed two were different: unlike the visible world, the forms were beyond our senses.
        • Despite this, the analogy isn't effective in helping us understand differences.
    • Concept of Ideals.
      • Behind every concept in the visible world, there is an unseen reality = its form.
        • Forms exist separately from their particulars.
      • Ideal blueprints.
      • Philosophers seek them when looking for the truth.
    • Each human has an immortal soul = access to the forms before we exist in the material world.
      • Innate knowledge of them that can be developed through rational thought.
    • The Form of the Good relationship with other Forms.
      • Forms in hierarchy.
      • Form of Good is central to the existence of the whole universe.
      • The highest task of the philosopher is to gain knowledge of the good = lead to full understanding and rational behaviour.
      • FoGood is the principle of order which structures other forms.


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