IB Philosophy Core: Plato and Aristotle on the soul

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  • Plato and Aristotle
    • Plato
      • Rationalist
      • The analogy of the cave
        • We are captives because we rely on our senses which misguide us
        • Only philosophers and those who question their assumptions attain true knowledge
        • The sun represents true knowledge, whilst most people are in chains as captives, living amongst the shadow world
        • Those who do find true knowledge should teach others and share it with them. eg the escapee should return to the cave and encourage others to join him in the world above
      • Soul
        • The mind is  immaterial, the body is physical and the soul is guided by these in complex tention
        • The soul is released from the physical world to live immortally
        • The mind is associated with the world of forms and so is superior to the body
        • The mind is of the heavenly realm and the body is of the worldly realm
        • All souls are from the ideal world, but in this mundane world they forget the truth
        • Truth belongs beyond this realm
      • Idealist
    • Aristotle
      • Natural ist
        • Sense experience
        • Materialist
        • A posteriori
        • Consciousness is explained neurologically
        • All human behaviour can be explained scientifically
        • No acceptance of the idea of life after death
      • Soul
        • The soul is the principle of life meaning that it is what gives the body life
        • The soul dies with the body
        • Souls can be found in plants and animals
        • The soul is the essence of the body
    • Plato was Socrates' student and Aristotle was Plato's student


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