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  • Plato
    • Introduction
      • influenced by Socrates who said to be moral you have to have true knowledge of right and wrong.
      • Plato didn't believe knowledge was gained from our senses (Empirical Knowledge)
      • Plato believed our senses are deceiving and cannot be trusted because the world is constantly changing.
      • Created analogy of the cave
    • Plato's Dualistic veiw
      • Plato was a dualist and believed the body and soul existed separately but are linked in some way.
      • He believed that there are two types of beings: spiritual beings (soul) and material being (chairs and tables) and that each has its own realm.
      • he formed an idea of the two realms: material world(we live in) and spiritual world of souls (constantly changing)
      • these two realms were referred to as the real of appearances and the realm of reality.
      • in the realm of appearances everything is in a state of flux, so empirical knowledge is not true knowledge but just a set of subjective opinions
    • concept of forms or ideals
      • Plato said that in this world we have an idea of beauty and because of this we have an innate knowledge of what true beauty is or the FORM of beauty.
      • form- the idea of something. it is not physical but it is the eternal idea of what a thing is.
      • he believed everything we see in the realm of appearances is a reflection of the ideal object in the real of reality
      • most important form is the form of good which is the source of all the other forms.


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