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  • Plato
    • was a "dualist," because he believed in two worlds
      • Appearances (this world)
      • Reality (the forms)
        • Characteristics of the forms
          • Transcendent
          • Unchanging
          • Archetype for things that physically exist
            • Archetype definition: an initial model or idea from which later ideas and models of the same thing are all derived.
          • Immortal
        • Form of the good
          • Highest of forms
          • Source of other forms
          • Enables us to understand, assess things.
        • By "form," he means the concept/idea of something.
          • A form is unchanging because it is a concept, it is not like physical objects that imitate or copy the form.
            • Physical objects die but the form is everlasting.
              • Therefore, the form exists in another reality.


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