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  • Plato
    • Analogy of the cave
      • The Cave
        • the delusion of supposed reality, the blindness of misunderstanding
      • The Sun
        • Form of Good
      • The Objectives
        • the ideal forms - the realm of ideas
    • The Forms
      • Every concept or object in the material world has an unseen reality, a.k.a. FORMS
      • Source of all knowledge
      • Humans have a prior understanding of forms, and some kind of amnesia of forms
    • Concept of the Ideals
      • What *you* see and think is real is only a reflection of a higher truth
      • Developed a vision of two worlds
        • A worlds of unchanging ideas
        • A worlds of changing physical objects
      • Ideas are more real than things
    • Concept and Phenomena
      • Concept
        • An abstract idea or a mental symbol that has a corresponding representation in a language
      • Phenomena
        • Any occurrence that is observable. Phenomena may be perceived through a person's senses or with their mind
    • Divided Line
      • The vision of real trees and real clouds outside the cave represent the intelligible realm
      • The cavern images that are projected onto the back of the cave by the fire represent physical things in the physical worlds
      • The vision of the sun represents the Form of Good
      • The shadows in the back of the cave wall represent the illusion of truth or reality


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