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  • Plato
    • Forms
      • Duplicious: 1) World of appearances 2) World of Forms
      • Archetypes, Unchanging, Immortal, Transcendent
      • A posteriori
    • Form of the Good
      • Highest of all forms
      • Source and origin of all other forms
      • Knowledge of this form is intrinsic - i.e ideas of education
      • Teleological
    • Critiques of Forms
      • No evidence that they exist
      • Could just be ideas preserved in mind
      • Relativism threatens Form of Good
      • Unclear link between forms and material world - Plato ignores beauty Bertrand Russell
      • Is there a form of death and disability - so far removed from our experiences - what do they apply to?
      • Third man argument - endless series that never stops
    • Supporters of Forms
      • Genetics - species genetic code
      • Descartes - ideas in mind --> reality
      • Kant: 2 realities - noumeal and phenomenal - former cannot be known
      • Quantum physics - we cannot trust our experiences
    • Cave
      • Prisoners - trapped in illusory world
      • Shadows - copies of forms
      • World above ground - forms
      • Sun - form of good - by which other forms are known
      • Freed prisoner = socrates
    • Demiurge
      • Republic: always is (intelligence) and has no becoming (opinion)
      • Creator = Demiurge craftsman who made a visible changeable copy of world
      • Artisan who makes copy of form of world - He made time
      • World has a soul - Demiurge made gods who made humans - body and soul comes from what is left of worlds soul
      • Analysis of Demiurge
        • World could be random chance or unintelligent
        • Judeo Christian is diff as God creates ex nihilo
          • God acts intentionally
          • God is omnis
        • Poses that there is something greater than God


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