PlateTectonics Revision

Plate boundary and what they mean, what the plate boundarys do to cause natural hazards.

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  • Plate Tectonics Revision
    • Plate Boundarys
      • tensional, divergent or constructive
        • Plates move apart
      • conservative or transform
        • Plates slide past each other
    • Tensional Margins
      • 1. Slowly, plates move apart, and magma rises onto the Earths Crust.
      • 2. When the magma reaches the surface, it cools and creates igneous rock.
      • 3. The new rock builds up to be a volcano
    • Destructive Boundary's
      • This is where an oceanic and continental plate boundary move towards each other
      • 1. The two plates move together and the oceanic plate moves underneath the continental plate because its denser. This point is called the subduction zone
      • 2. As the oceanic plate is forced underneath the continental plate, it melts to form magma.
        • This triggers Earthquakes
      • 3. The magma collects to form a magma chamber and it rises up through cracks in the continental crust.
      • 4. As pressure builds up, a volcanic eruption may occur.


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