Processes of Plate Tectonics

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  • Processes of Plate Tectonics
    • Evidence of Plate Tectonics
      • Biology: Fossil evidence suggest species of animals maybe have lived on continents that were once connected
      • Geology: Similar rock layers, types and structures found in separate suggest they formed together
      • Sea-floor spreading: A continuous mountain range with new rocks running down the centre that get older as you move away. For example the Mid-Atlantic Ridge
      • Climatology: Evidence of glaciation in warm places and coal in cold climates suggests continents were in different places
    • Structure of the Earth
      • Core: A solid nickel and iron inner core & and a molten iron outer core. Gives Earth its magnetic field and reaches 5000 degrees celsius
      • Mantle: A mixture of molten and semi-molten rock as well as oxygen and silicon, sodium and other elements
      • Crust: The surface layer. Made of solid rock with a thickness varying from 6km to in excess of 70km
        • Oceanic Crust: -6-10km thick   ->200 million  -Heavier          -Basalt           SIMA
        • Continental Crust:30-70km


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