Plastic Surgery

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      • during WW2 spherical skin grafts were developed to reconstruct the bodies, especially faces and hands of soldier and airmen
      • skin was grown from a place on the body and transferred to the burnt, raw area while it still had blood supply.this increased the chances of skin grafts becoming successful
      • skin grafter for airmen woul dhave not been successful without the sue of antibiotics(penicillin) developed by Flemming 1928. it prevented the skin grafts from becoming infected
      • so antibiotics made skin grafts possible without it infection would have set in
    • WAR
      • focused in blood so other section like anaesthetics were delayed
      • dodctrs treated soldiers I trenches so thety had a lot of pressure
      • war increased experience
    • explosives made new wounds with deep frsagments and clothingeteirng wound caised infecion
      • using sat was the best way to deal with this beut it didn't work with serious infections as antibiotic weren't developed intill later
    • GILLES set up a plastic surgery unit or the army
      • he experimented with facial reconstruction
      • many soldiers lost limbs anew light alloy metals where used but there was a long waiting list and patiens needed training to use them properly
    • 20TH +21ST C
      • keyhole surgeries
      • heart surgery
      • transplant organs
      • chemistry helped develop anaesthetics so appendix's and tumours could be removed
      • listers carbolic acid spray wearing rubber gloves and using sterile catgut for ligatures helped moved towards  aspetic surgery( mask gowns)
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    • X-RAY
      • ROENTGEN 1895 made surgeon confident about performing internal operations the y could also remove bullets without having to dig around. reduced blood loss and infection
        • TECHNOLOGY
          • germs x -ray chemicals
          • inhaler developed for cholorform
          • carolic spray steam sterilser x-ray
          • pedical tube hypodermic needle for blood transfusiojns
    • SC + TECH
      • better understand ing of annantomy
        • x-ays 1895 10 years later they were in many hispitals
      • eperiments for pain relife
        • inhaler gave correct dosage
      • germ theory
        • carbolic spry catgut steam aterliser
      • strage of blood
        • hypordermic needle made it possible to take blood and measure a drug for infection


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