National 5 History: Unit 1 Cell Biology- The Plasma Membrane

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  • Plasma Membrane
    • A bi-layer of constantly moving phospholipid molecules and proteins
      • Known as  fluid mosaic
      • Provide Structural Support
        • Contain channels which  transport molecules (passively)
          • Act as carriers which actively transport molecules
      • Serves as enzymes catalysing bio-chemical reactions
        • Acts as receptors for hormones
          • Controls what enters and leaves the cell
      • Contains hydrophilic heads
        • Contains hydrophobic tails
          • Has a number of proteins
            • Partly embedded
              • peripheral membrane protein
            • Attached to surface
            • Spanning from top to bottom of phospholipid bilayer
              • integral membrane protein
            • Channel forming proteins
              • Where molecules pass through the membrane PASSIVELY to the extra-cellular fluid or the cytoplasm


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