Plants, Animals and fungi

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  • Plants, Animals and Fungi
    • Plants
      • Are multi-cellular
      • They have chloroplasts
        • which means they can photosynthesi-se
      • Their cells have cell walls
        • which are made of cellulose
      • Plants store carbohydrates as
        • sucrose
        • or starch
    • Fungi
      • Some are single celled
      • Others have a body called a mycellium
        • This made up hyphae
          • Thread like structures
          • The hyphae contain lots of nuclei
      • They cant photosynthesi-s
      • Their cell walls are made up of chitin
      • most feed by saphrotrophic nutrition
        • They secret extracellular enzymes into the area outside their body to dissolve their food, so they can absorb the nutruients
      • They store carbohydrates as glycogen
    • Animals
      • Animals are multi-cellular
      • They dont have clhroplasts
        • So they don't photosynthes-is
      • Don't have cell walls
      • Most have a nervous coordination
        • This means they can respond rapidly to changes in their enviroment
      • Most can usually move around from one place toanother
      • They usually store carbohydrates in the form of glycogen


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