plants, organs and cells

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  • plants, cells and organs
    • plants
      • epidermal tissue
        • cover the plant
      • mesophyll
        • carries out photosynthesis
      • xylem and phloem
        • transports of substances of plants around the plant
      • organs
        • roots
        • stem
        • leaves
          • responsible for absorbing light for photosynthesis
    • cells
      • animal
        • nucleas
          • contains genetic material, which controls the activities of the cell
        • cytoplasm
          • most chemical processes take place here, controlled by enzymes
        • cell membrane
          • controls the movement of substances into and out of the cell
        • mitochondria
          • most energy is released by respiration here
        • ribosomes
          • protein synthesis happens here
      • plant (extra parts to a plant cells)
        • cell wall
          • trengthens the cell
        • chloroplast
          • contain chlorophyll, which absorbs light energy for photosynthesis
        • permanent vacuole
          • filled with cell sap to help keep the cell turgid


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