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  • Plant structure and photosynthesis
    • Plants are made up of tissues and organs
      • Plants are made of organs like stems, roots and leaves
      • Leaves are made of these tissues:
        • Epidermal tissue: covers the whole plant
        • MESOPHYLL TISSUE is where most of the photosynthesis in a plant occurs
        • XYLEM AND PHLOEM TISSUE VESSELS: transport substances around the plant
    • Photosynthesis makes sugar using sunlight
      • Photosynthesis is the process that makes food  (glucose) in plants and algae
      • Photosynthesis happens inside the chloroplasts
      • Chloroplasts contain a green substance called chlorophyll
      • Chlorophyll absorbs energy from sunlight
      • The energy is used to turn carbon dioxide and water into glucose
      • Oxygen is also made as by-product (it's not the main product)
    • The rate of photosynthesis
      • The rate of photosynthesis depends on:
        • How much light there is
        • The amount of C02
        • The temperature
      • A limiting factor is something that stops photosynthesis from going any faster. e.g.
        • At night, light is the limiting factor
        • In winter, it's often temperature that's limiting factor
        • If it's warm enough and bright enough then carbon dioxide will be the limiting factor
      • Too little light slows rate down
        • At first, the more light there is, the faster photosynthesis happens
          • This means the rate of photosynthesis depends on the amount of light
        • After a certain point the graph flattens out. Photosynthesis wont go any faster
          • This is because light is no longer the limiting factor. Now the temp or amount of C02 is the limiting factor
      • Too little C02 also slows it down
        • The more C02 there is the faster photosyn happens
          • This means the amount of CO2 is the limiting factor
            • After a certain point, photsynthesis wont go any faster cause C02 is no longer the limiting factor
      • If there's plently of light+ CO2 then it must be the temp thats the limiting factor
  • Carbon dioxide+water ----> glucose+oxygen


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