Chemistry: Plants oils

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  • Plant oils
    • Extracting Vegatable Oil
      • Can be extracted from seeds, nuts, and fruits by pressure of distillation
      • Veg oil provides nutrients and lots of energy. used to make biofuel
      • Unsatrated oils contain Carbon-- Carbon double bonds ( C=C) and so they decolourise bromide water from orange.
    • Cooking with vegetable oils:
      • Cook at higher boiling points
      • Increase the energy content of foods and change the flavour, colour and texture.
      • Can be hardened by reacting them with hydrogens at 60 degrees wih a nickel catalyst. Makes it easy to spread.
    • Everyday emulsions
      • oils dont desolve in water, but can both be used to make an emulsion
      • Elulsifiers stop oil and water seperating into layers
    • Food issues
      • Veg oils are high in energy and provide nutrients
      • Very fatty and cause heart disease


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