Homeostasis and Plant Hormones

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  • Plant Hormones and Homeostasis
    • Auxin
      • Controls growth near the tips of shoots (phototropsim- response to light) and roots (gravitropism- gravity)
      • Shoots grow towards light- more auxin accumulates on the side in the shade, makes cell elongate faster on shaded side- bends towards the light
      • Shoots grow away from gravity- gravity produces an unequal distrubution with more auxin on the lower side, causes lower side to grow faster, bending shoot upwards
      • Roots grow towards gravity- more auxin on lower side, extra auxin inhibits growth , cells on top elongate faster, root bends downwards
      • Roots grow towards moisture- produces more auxin on the side with more moisture, inhibits the growth on that side, causing root to bend towards the moisture
      • Slective weedkillers are made of plant growth hormones- disrupt normal growth patterns which soon kills them
      • Plant cuttings- add rooting powder, produce roots rapidly, new plants- lots of clones
    • Homeostasis
      • Ion Content
        • Regulated by Kidneys
        • Taken in by food
        • Toom much, excess ions need to be removed
          • Regulated by Kidneys
          • Lost by sweat
      • Water Content
        • Taken in by food and drink
        • Lost through a) skin as sweat b) lungs in breath c) kidneys as urine
        • Cold day- not exercising- no sweat, more urine- pale (diluted)
        • Hot day- exercising- sweat a lot, less urine- more concentrated
      • Body Temp.
        • Enzymes in body work best at 27 degress
        • Part of brain recieves messages from the skin that provide info about skin temperature
      • Blood Sugar Levels
        • Foods containing carbs puts glucose into the blood from the gut
          • Lots of vigorous exercise, lots of glucose removed
        • Hormone Insulin maintains right level of glucose in the blood


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